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4 reviews
Just moved here from LA. Our very first night in our new home and we were tired, dirty, and sooo hungry as we only had a quick egg sandwich from Dunkin. We decided to order out for some Mexican food.

Los Arcos got immediate points for offering Pozole and Sopa de Camarones. It's rare these soups are offered so many was instantly hopeful! Follow that with Pollo Asado, Tamals, and guacamole... It was all we could do to wait for our food to arrive.

A super nice Seor and a youngin arrived on time and with hot fresh food.

We weren't disappointed! Everything was delicious and we tore into everything. The chicken was tender as we tore it off the bones, layering it with sweet and tender roasted pearl onions, roasted jalepeo, fresh cilantro, and a slice of queso fresco on a wonderfully warm fresh flour tortilla. Mmmmmmmm..... It was just YUM. The soups hit the spot and we pared it all up with an ice cold Modelo Chelada.

Now we are tired, dirty, and not even a little hungry. Fat and happy is how we feel right now.

I was worried we would be leaving delicious Mexican food behind in LA but I have to say - Los Arcos' food is just as good as our favorite place in LA. So happy you guys are in business here!


2 reviews
Our food was unusually late, and being extremely hungry we were obviously quite unhappy. However, they graciously discounted our food which was unexpected, as did grub hub. It was obvious when they arrived with our food that -although they were late - they were trying extremely hard to provide good service and felt bad. They must have been very busy. So while we were disgruntled initially, they had their hearts in the right place and I wanted to thank them and Grub Hub for working so hard to rectify the experience. We all have tough days and we appreciate the effort very much. Good food - once we ate we were happy as always with the quality,


1 review
That was the best Steak Burrito ive ever had in my life. I couldnt stop eating it no matter how full I got. Im from dallas texas and mexican/ texmex is my favorite food. THAT WATS THE BEST D*MN BURRITO IVE EVER HAD! Supple waves of deep, elongated flavor, it was a very sensual burritto, it grabbed my tastebuds tight and took me through a ferriswheel of emotions, from childhood through myadulthood. This burrito knew my problems and made me feel like i didnt have them any more. I will order this burrito again and again and i pray that is just like this again. Thank you so much.


3 reviews
This place is ridiculously good. A word of warning for whoever orders their sandwiches, when they say the torta includes ham or sausage, what they mean is cut up hot dogs. Personally I'm not a fan, so I thought I should let you know. Other than that, everything from this place is crazy good. Just thinking about it writing this review is making me want to order from here again.

Seriously, it's that good.


Top Reviewer
I was very hesitant to order Mexican food for delivery. I thought the food would be cold and gross. But I was pleasantly surprised at the hot delicious food. I have ordered from Los Arcos a few times now. The order delivered on time and the driver was polite. Tacos are delicious! Definitely recommend.

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Los Arcos Restaurant, offering fresh and authentic food in a comfortable and familiar atmosphere. The Gomez Family is proud to offer from a rich and traditional tacos to a tasty dish as our famous and prawns.come and enjoy what we have prepared especially for you. Delicious ribs, with beans, rice and salad, you'll love its succulent flavor.